What people are saying about debut author and general fabulous person Israel Barbuzano:

Israel Barbuzano is a pretty O.K. guy! – Entertainment Quinquennially.

Of all the people living on Earth right now, Israel Barbuzano is one of them. – The Pope.

This new author is the paragon of both authorial talent and extreme good looks. – Paid Actor.

Greetings! I am Israel Barbuzano, exalted author of the sentence you're reading right now. It is a pleasure to address you.

Eternal is my debut novel. Click the image and read what it's about, I beg you with great dignity.

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However, if you harbor murderous intent, disdain or arousal, please refrain from contacting me. I'm glad to be alive, my feelings are easily hurt and I'm blissfully married, so there's no need for us to exchange ideas at the moment.